A door that will open at midnighta trail of footsteps that forksinto two partsPOOL OF GREEN STUFFSsh! Ssh! Ssh!what is that? GOBLIN AMBUSH!!STAIRS DOWNStuck door that needs a pushomg omg omg omg omgTreasure room!Gold keyinto two pathsDoorA really long hallwayPit trapDoor that needs the gold keySecret passage in complete darknessOh my goodness it's a room entirely filled with filthy hungry deadly RATS!treasure! treasure! treasure! but mostly boneswelcome to the place of the OGRE!Doora little little little little hallwayDoorRoom (It's lit! It's safe!)Poison darts!Can it be a sinister looking teleporter that actually works? Oh yes it can! Step right up and off u go!leading into a room where you'll find like...OMG BEST SWORD IN THE ENTIRE GAMEStairs downDoor Door DoorSee? It was completely oh my god what happened to your head?! And why am I talking backwards? Oh well!Door you shouldn't openbecause it leads to theChamber of Death!and alsoNo treasures!If you jump here and herePit of monstersPit of monstersand kick down this door you will find aGreen liquid pouring inTRAP up here in the ceiling maybe or down here on the floor or right in front of youthat actually heals you if you are hurt if only a bit